Day 5: Gspaltenhornhütte to Griesalp

Today began with some initial disappointment at having to abandon my plan to go up the Hohtürli to the Blümisalphütte and instead descend to Griesalp and then take an alternate trail around to Kandersteg the following day.

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Dawn on the Morgenhorn from the Gspaltenhornhütte

After breakfast, Graham asked if I’d like to hike down with him, and I was glad to have the company after hiking solo the past four days.

Yesterdays’ trail from the Sefinenfurgge

We started by descending grassy slopes past sheep grazing and down to a moraine ridge, and then down across the moraine left by the retreating Gamchigletscher. Signs along the route warned of danger from an ice dam that formed upstream which will break at some point and send a flood down the moraine.

Sheep in highest meadows below the Gspaltenhornhütte

After crossing the moraine, we ascended up a couple of ridges to an overlook where we met a pair of German hikers who had just come down the Hohtürli and confirmed that there is still a lot of snow up there. When I commented on the lack of accent in his English, one of the hikers responded that he had attended college in the US as an exchange student.

The Höturli is the notch in the center at the top of the ridge

We passed by the junction with the Hohtürli and then began the long descent down the valley toward Griesalp. We stopped for a short rest and cool drink at the Berghaus Bundalp.

Sennhütte Bundläger above Bundalp with the Wildi Frau at top left

From here the route was a combination of short stretches on the gravel road and trail segments descending more steeply between the road’s switchbacks. We eventually rounded a corner, and all of a sudden, we were in Greisalp.

My hiking partner for today, Graham, in Griesalp

Griesalp consists only of a couple of hotels and a restaurant. I checked in to the hotel, and then Graham and I enjoyed lunch (Alsatian pizza) before he boarded the postbus to return to his car further down the valley in Kiental.

View From My Room in Griesalp

I enjoyed a little downtime, washed and hung laundry, cleaned up, and then had a delicious fondue dinner at the Berghaus Restaurant, including a traditional Swiss desert, Apfelküchlein – apple slices battered and deep fried, and served with fresh cream.

Apfel Küchlein at the Restaurant Berghaus in Griesalp

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