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  • Swiss Bernina Alps Planned Itinerary

    Swiss Bernina Alps Planned Itinerary

    I planned 10 days of hiking among 4,000 meter high peaks, crossing glaciers, sleeping in alpine huts and picturesque villages in the Bernina Alps in the Graubünden canton of southeast Switzerland, along the border with Italy. 2 additional days were open for rest days, sight-seeing, or side trips. But two days before we were to […]

  • Zillertal Alps

    Zillertal Alps

    We trekked hut-to-hut through Austria’s Zillertal Alps near the Italian border, spending a couple of nights in the hamlet of Ginzling before three days on the Berliner Höhenweg (Berlin high trail).

  • Silvretta Alps

    Silvretta Alps

    Allan and I trekked hut-to-hut through Austria’s Silvretta Alps near the Italian border, beginning in the town of Gaschurn in the state of Vorarlberg and finishing at the Jamtalhütte in Tirol.

  • Breitlahner


    A pleasant stroll from the Berliner Hütte down to Breitlahner, where our hiking ends. From here we travel back to Jenbach where we part ways.

  • Schönbichler Horn

    Schönbichler Horn

    Our highest crossing on this trip: the 3,134m (10,282 ft) Schönbichler Horn. This section of the Berliner Höhenweg starts at the Furtschaglhaus and ends at the Berliner Hütte, the Grand Dame of the Zillertal huts.

  • Furtschaglhaus


    A short but steep hike from the Schlegeis Stausee to the Furtschaglhaus hut.

  • Pfitscherjoch


    An easier hike today over the Zillertal Alps into Italy to have lunch and then back to Austria for dinner.

  • From the Silvretta to the Zillertal

    From the Silvretta to the Zillertal

    120 miles on trains and buses from the Jamtalhütte to the Hotel Gasthaus Schwarzenstein in Ginzling.

  • Getschnerscharte


    A long day of hiking the Edmund Lorenz Weg (trail) from the Wiesbadener Hütte over our highest crossing in the Silvretta Alps, the 2,839m Getschnerscharte (notch), to the Jamtalhütte. We will also cross over the 2,652m Radsattel (saddle) on the border between the Austrian states of Vorarlberg and Tirol.

  • Litznersattel


    Today’s route involved hiking up steep snowfields, outstanding views of big peaks and glaciers, and lush alpine valleys from the Saarbrücker Hütte up to the Litznersattel, down to the Silvretta Reservoir, and up to the Wiesbadener Hütte.