A pleasant stroll from the Berliner Hütte down to Breitlahner, where our hiking ends. From here we travel back to Jenbach where we part ways.




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We had breakfast in the dining room and returned to our room to pack up, and then departed the Berliner Hütte.

The Berliner Hütte in the upper Zemmgrund valley, the Waxeggkees glacier, and the Großer Möseler above.

We set off down the trail in the morning light. There were only a few clouds this morning, so we had great views of the glaciers and peaks above.

The 3,480m Großer Möseler, second-tallest in the Zillertal alps, and the Waxeggkees glacier. The Schönbichler is at the far right on the ridge.

Shortly after leaving the hütte, we passed by an old cabin.

The old winter house near the Berliner Hütte
The Großer Möseler, Waxeggkees glacier, and lateral moraine left by the retreating Waxeggkees.

A mile down from the Berliner Hütte we passed by the Alpenrosehütte.

Descending to the Alpenrosenhütte in the Zemmgrund
The Alpenrosenhütte and Hornkees glacier

Just below the Alpenrosenhütte is a dam with a small lake behind it. Two days ago, while walking along the shore of the Schlegeis Stausee, we noticed water cascading out of the hillside into the lake and wondered where it came from. Turns out that water is diverted by this dam into a tunnel (the  Oberer Zemmüberleitungsstollen) which traverses under the mountains and exits into the Schlegeis. An interesting engineering feat, presumably to transfer water from the Zemmbach over to the Schlegeis where there is a reservoir.

The Zemmgrund and the 3,231m Hoher Riffler in the Tuxer range to the north.

We enjoyed the walk down through the Zemmgrund, alternating between forest and pastures.

Descending through the Zemmgrund valley
Cows in a pasture along the trail

Eventually we reached the terminus of the Zemmgrund valley, crossed a small bridge over the Zamserbach (next to where the Zemmbach flows in), and walked up to the bus stop at Breitlahner.

Bus stop at Breitlahner at the bottom of the Zemmgrund valley on the Zillertal Straße (street)

After waiting a while for the bus, we boarded and retraced our route from four days ago by taking the bus to the bahnhof in Mayrhofen, and the Zillertal train back to Jenbach.

Mayrhofen in the Zillertal valley

At Jenbach we parted ways; Allan taking a train west to Zürich to return to the US, and I east to Wien (Vienna) for a couple days. As we walked through the train station I was thinking about what to say for a proper goodbye. But just as we approached the platform for Allan’s train, he realized that it was about to depart and exclaimed: “Gotta get on the train now – ‘bye!” and ran off. Umm, ok. At least this avoided the need for any eloquent goodbyes.

I boarded the eastbound train to Wien and spent the next few hours rolling through the German and Austrian countrysides. We exchanged a few text messages from our respective trains and both enjoyed our remaining journeys.



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